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Dance Companies:

We have 2 advanced levels for your dancers:

Performance: Designed for dancers who wish to showcase their skills at local events and at our Winter & Spring Dance Concert Recitals. Performance dancers represent the studio at different community events and our dance concerts. Performance dancers get to shine in their performances and gain confidence through their dance.

Competitive: Designed for dancers who wish to pursue an advanced level of training. Competitive dancers represent the studio at different competitions though out the year, as well as at many community events and all our functions. Competitive dancers strive to achieve their goals, gain confidence and show excellent sportsmanship at all times.

Don't miss Auditions!
To join one of our Dance Companies you first need to Audition - click here for more info.

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Office Hours

Tuesday to Friday
4pm to 8pm
Programs run
August thru June

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2 Dance 4 Life Studio
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