Registration for 2 Dance 4 Life Studio 2020-2021 dance season is now open. Classes run from August 24th to June 9th, 2021.


Monthly tuition is due by the 5th of every month starting September 1st. Any outstanding balances will be automatically charged/due on June 3rd.

Our Payment options make it easy to enroll now.

Pay Options

In-person: Cash, Debit/Credit Card ($2.75 processing fee), Check [There is a returned check fee of $35]

Online: Debit/Credit Card ($2.75 processing fee), Auto-billing (debit/credit or ACH)

We accept payments through the following apps/programs:

  • Cash App
  • Paypal
  • Venmo
  • Zelle


Family pricing for Recreational, & Performance* classes only. Enjoy taking classes without breaking the bank. The more you take, the more you save!

Registration Fee: $15 per individual.

No. of Classes/Fee – Per Family

1 Class = $35

2 Classes = $50

3 Classes = $60

4 Classes = $69

5 Classes = $78

6 Classes = $97

7 Classes = $95

8 Classes = $103

9 Classes = $111

10 Classes = $118

*Mini Bops classes are $25/month. They are NOT included in the family multi-class pricing.

**Performance classes have an additional Performance Company Expenses Fee that must be paid in full by January 19th, 2021. These are performance-related expenses such as costumes, recital fees, etc. A full list is provided upon enrollment into a performance class.

*** Competition team pricing & fees to be provided after audition tryouts. Competition team pricing is NOT included in the family multi-class pricing.